About the Course

The course has been designed give participants an opportunity to refresh and update their moving and handling skills. It will cover relevant legal and professional standards, the ergonomic approach that concerns finding safe ways of working e.g. use of equipment such as hoists, planning work etc. There will be opportunities to discuss and practice assisting and moving children in specific situations identified by participants.

Course Duration

Refresher courses are one day in length. Other course durations can be negotiated as required.

Course Aim

To refresh and update the knowledge and skills necessary to assist children to move. To improve the quality of care practice and ensure the health and safety of all involved.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session the participant will:

  • Be aware of relevant legislation, and their employer’s policy
  • Be able to explain the key principles for safer manual handling
  • Be able to identify risks and unsafe handling practices, and understand the importance of ergonomic solutions
  • Participate in risk assessments
  • Be able to apply the principles for safer handling when assisting children to move
  • Be aware of a range of equipment that can reduce the risk of injury
  • Understand the importance of respecting the child’s wishes wherever possible, and the need to balance this with the carer’s safety

Course Content

The course content of refresher courses is tailored to the needs of the participants or their organisation. Content may include any of the following:

  • Introduction to relevant legislation
  • Risk assessment, and how it applies to handling of children
  • Basic principles of Back Care
  • Holds and positions
  • Assisting a child to stand with a range of support levels, for both one and two carers
  • Assisting a child to sit with a range of support levels, for both one and two carers
  • Use of transfer devices, including Rota stands and transfer boards
  • Assisting a child to roll on a bed, for both one and two carers
  • Use of profiling beds
  • Use of a slide sheet to assist a child to roll
  • Use of slide sheets and other aids to reposition on a bed
  • Health and safety features of hoists and slings, including pre-use checks
  • Sling application in a chair, on a bed, and on the floor
  • Hoisting from beds and chairs
  • Working at floor level

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