About the Course

This is a highly practical course for those who wish to build on basic assisting and moving skills. It will explore practical solutions for assisting and moving plus size people in both Social Care and Health services. Consideration will be given to the importance of respecting a person’s dignity and the need to encourage independence. There will be opportunities to practice using a range of equipment.

Course Duration

One day.

Course Aims

To ensure participants can provide appropriate mobility assistance to plus size/bariatric people in a dignified manner, while ensuring the safety of all concerned.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the appropriate use of the terms “plus size” and “bariatric”
  • Demonstrate an awareness of social stereotyping, and the impact this may have on a person’s mobility
  • Promote good communication and the importance of respecting a person’s dignity
  • Describe how different body shapes and weight distribution may affect an individual’s mobility
  • Encourage independence where possible
  • Describe the importance of ergonomic solutions in relation to assisting and moving plus sized/bariatric individuals
  • List a range of bariatric equipment
  • Demonstrate a range of practical bariatric handling activities
  • Describe current legal duties and need for a systems approach

Course Content

  • Social stereotyping and the impact on mobility
  • Effect of body shape on mobility
  • Standing, walking, weight-bearing transfers and falls
  • Sling application and hoisting
  • Manual assistance on beds
  • Use of slide sheets
  • Use of bed management systems

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