About the Course

The IOSH Certificate was developed by HME in conjunction with employers and experts in assisting and moving people. The aim was to provide back care advisors, and moving and handling advisors and trainers, with a recognised qualification from IOSH, the world’s largest professional health and safety organisation. As with staff, it is important for trainers to refresh their knowledge and skills from time to time. In order to continue to hold an IOSH certificate, trainers must attend a re-certification course every three years. This course ensures knowledge retention, and helps trainers to critically appraise their practice. Below is an example of content.

Course Duration

The train the trainer recertification course is a two day course. The two days run concurrently.

Course Aim

To provide ongoing support and refresher training for existing holders of an IOSH certificate. This course delivers re-assessment of knowledge and practical skills, as well as the opportunity to discuss developments in the field, or receive support with manual handling issues in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session the participant will be able to:

  • List professional standards within the field of manual handling
  • Apply the ergonomic approach to care handling
  • Demonstrate the training skills required to train others in manual handling
  • Show methods for engaging the workforce in safe manual handling
  • Show how competency assessments can be used in the workplace
  • Demonstrate all necessary manual handling techniques required in their workplace
  • Identify the principles for safer manual handling, and how to critically appraise the application of these
  • Demonstrate problem solving approaches
  • Demonstrate underpinning knowledge of manual handling in a care setting

Course Content

In addition to sessions meeting all of the above stated learning outcomes, this course contains a range of assessments of participants. These assessments include:

  • Delivery of a short session on the use of manual handling techniques to support a person to move with or without equipment
  • A written questionnaire to test underlying knowledge
  • Competence in demonstration of practical techniques

All training delivered by participants is peer reviewed by the group and the facilitator,  and opportunities for constructive feedback are offered throughout the course.

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